Krishna Levels

We provide Level based strategy for NSE, MCX and OPTION trading markets. The customized package is suitable for Intraday and Positional trading in all Indian Market Segments. The levels provide website based terminal for monitoring the trading entries in real time. Krishna Levels are different from the support and resistance level where the markets divided into twelve different categories. At a particular instant the very best trade entry and exit entries of the market are derived based on the market price and level in which the trade falls. Base on the options chosen the high, low on a particular day and previous day are provided in the market watch. The levels dashboard has live update on LTP in the market watch and the level categories are continuously updated based on the current market movement and traders can be aware of the entry in the market. Also the levels have RHTP, RCTP and Trend of the market, which helps to identify the current price action, or trend of the market. It acts as a very good support and resistance of the market so the trader can identify the trend of the market i.e. the UP, DOWN or RANGE of the market. The position of the married can be carried forwared with best profiting entries for all types of market trends and range.

Krishna Levels is a signature tool with twelve levels of pricing but the trader can utilize the tool to extend it to sixty-three different strategies. Krishna Levels user guide is available in the download link. Krishna Levels are generated on daily basis based on mathematical calculation and current market volatility which makes it one of the best known trading toll for intraday and Positional.

We are conducting one-day training program to explain the usage and effectiveness of the tool for trading. With ease of use and user friendly interface the traders can kick start the trading on day one without any hassles. . Online credentials will be given for every user for viewing these levels with 24/7 supports to handle all the queries.


Use the following link for availing the User Guide and booking you entries for next training program.




We provide real time data of the Indian market in metatrader terminal MT4.

One day training program for Krishna Levels - INR 10,000/- with one month subscription.

Krishna Levels Packages

Strategy Monthly Quarterly Half-yearly Yearly
Krishna Levels INR 5,000 INR 14000 INR 27,500 INR 50,000
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